Will You Get Married or Not? These Factors Are Important


You know what they say – not everyone is tailored for marriage. However, have you ever though that this could be you? Is it true that everybody would tie a knot sooner or later?


Research about marriage are always been interesting and one has been published in Social Science Research Magazine. It shows that the possibility for you to get married depends on three categories:

Physical Attraction
• Character Match
• Devotion to the Relationship


The result of this research that is based on these three characteristics shows whether you will get in a wedlock or not any time soon. A total of 9,000 people took part in the research and the scientists marked them from one to five.


The higher grade the participants received, the more likely it was for them to get married. Although all three characteristics are crucial, the research showed that they can complement each other. For example, a person who is not completely fit can compensate for it with higher intelligence, charm and wit.

Despite all the research, the most important thing is to question yourself whether you want to be married or not! This is a complex question and the answer is different depending on the person, the circumstances, the background and other factors as well.


Furthermore, it is important to notice that the answer to that question might change over the years, as you get older. Either way, if you want to be “marriage material” make sure you keep improving yourself and pay attention to all three characteristics mentioned above.


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