The Newest Trend – The Pegan Diet


If we’re being honest, there isn’t a single diet that is really easy to follow and the reason is that they all have rules and restrictions and sometimes you just need that cheeseburger and fries. The newest trend that has come up is the pegan diet, and no that wasn’t a typo, you read it right.

What that word means is actually a combination of the words paleo and vegan and as this may sound like a logic explantion it actually not. Anyone who is into the whole nutrition and diet scene knows that these two notions represents complete oposites on the diet spectre. The people the rely on the paleo diet eat mostly meat like our people way back in the Paleolithic era whereas vegan do the complete opposite and do not eat anything that is of animal origin. So, how are these two diets possibly connected?

The man behind this whole idea is Dr. Mark Hyman and he said to the Redbook back in 2015 that this way of eating consist of “real whole, fresh food in its natural state free of processed ingredients, refined carbohydrates, and additives,” which is the common ground for these two seemingly completely different diets.

Essentially the pegan diet consits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are very low in sugar, full of omega 3 fats and that are as organic as possible. This all seems pretty simple but what makes it hard is that doesn’t give you many choices when it comes to the number of available foods. Out of all the vegetables that exist, the only ones that fullfill the criteria for this diet are: eggplant, peppers, leeks, mushrooms, cauliflower broccoli, tomatoes and brussels sprouts.. Not much to choose from, what makes it especially that this diet allows no potatoes, corn or any starchy vegetables.

When is comes to fruits the ones that make the cut are cherries, citrus fruits, mangoes, pears, apples, pineapples and dark berries.

What makes it a little better is that you can use nuts, avocados and olive oil.
When it comes to cheat days in this diet what would occasionally be okay is a little bit of grass-fed meats like chicken, beef, shrimp, turkey, salmon and sometimes eggs. As well as a small bit of sugar that is natural (honey, coconut sugar or mapple syrup.

The things that are in no case allowed is dairy, foods that contain gluten and soy.

Whoever can maintain this type of diet has some serious control over their life. Good for you! But for for most people giving up cheese and bread is just a no go. Thanks, but no thanks.


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